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About Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic was started in 2012 by Paul Weymouth, after decades of involvement with the now very well known Melksham Christmas Lights - a voluntary community group which has set the bench mark locally, and beyond for Festive Lighting.

With a keen eye for detail, design and fantastic technical ability we quickly became a leader in supplying event lighting to many events, Weddings and stages.

We strongly believe in finding a way something can be done, and not a reason it can't, and will work with our customers and their other suppliers to bring the very best possible outcomes to any event. 

With an ever increasing stock of lighting, power, audio and effects at our large Melksham workshops we can cater for all kinds of events, you are welcome to visit us by appointment and we offer a completely no obligation venue visit to discuss what options are available to you, and this is the ideal way to visualise your ideas with our possibilities.

As well as our lighting offerings we offer a host of power and audio solutions, catering for everything from small garden parties through to Festivals, creating a one stop shop for all event technical requirements where our brand takes over to create the best experiences possible.

We also have a huge hire stock, including all of your event essentials such as fairy lights, effects machines, power cabling and consumables and we are proud to offer the best quality products at the most competitive prices, whilst offering a super relaxed hire period that suits you and your event, no more panicking to get the kit back by 9am monday!

We also offer a direct to customer 'trade' shop, where all of the common items we use can be purchases directly from us at trade prices, including DJ consumables, Cables, Lighting, and virtually any cable can be made to your requirements. We hold large stocks of all common connectors and cables - and we are often available outside of the normal hours, just when you need those last minute parts.

Please contact us with any questions, we are always happy to help!

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