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No more worries of upsetting the neighbours or venues noise policies!

We looked into other offerings and came up with what we believe is the best &

most user friendly set up possible. Our custom built ( by us, for us ) base station

allows up to 3 separate playlists to be easily broadcast simultaneously to

headsets reliably up to 300m away.

How does it work?..

The system - simply plug a phone, laptop, iPad or DJ into one of the coloured inputs on the base station, switch on the headset and select from the 3 colour channels - Red Green and Blue... Done! We'll give you the right connectors to get you going.

The hire - Our super flexible hire will be tailored to your event, no more panicking about return times and collecting on the day, we can either deliver and setup everything for you, or you collect and return the kit to us - its really simple to use!

How long does it last?..

Generally the headsets last between 5-7 hours from a full charge

What if we lose or damage the headsets?..

We are pretty easy going when it comes to unintentional damage, these things can happen, but reserve the right to charge £30 for each broken or missing headset.


10 sets £35   25 sets £70   50 sets £110

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