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Stage & Live music

We can provide everything from a simple hire 'Party Bar' for your own House Party through to providing a full stage Lighting rig, engineered by our own Technicians using the very best control systems.

From small events to Festival stages we have gained a excellent reputation for providing outstanding dynamic light shows, remaining completely hassle free for the event organisers. 

Alongside our Audio Partners, KAN Audio, we can supply complete stage solutions including full professional Martin Audio systems, Truss work, and all power.

We can work alongside your chosen bands to create the best atmosphere, incorporating stunning effects such as C02 effects, Confetti and Streamer Blasts, and even incredible Pyrotechnic finales!

MArquee Stage Lighting
Stage Lighting Melksham
Confetti Cannon Blast
Confetti Cannon Blast
Pole Dancing Lighting
Themed Stage
Wedding MArquee Stage
Christmas Party Lighting
4ft 2d Letters
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