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Asian Weddings

We have completed many Asian Weddings, with the culture having a wonderful tradition of covering houses with Fairy Lights during the Wedding event period.


We are able to drape most houses with Fairy Lights, with sensible costs and an understanding of the culture and timescales involved, we do not charge a daily, weekly or monthly hire cost but an overall cost which will cover the time needed for your events.

Whilst the most common offering is Warm White ( usually with twinkling lights every so often ) we can achieve this with most colours, including Cold White, Multi Colours, and Blue, we can of course mix these if required, and rather than using 'harness' like most others we generally will use a continuous string of lights to properly cover the house, including any apex, porches etc.

We do have standard harness systems in stock which are suitable for quick, or more simple frontages, and are available to hire - these come in 1m sections, in 5m or 10m drops.

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